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Welcome to the Kenyan Community in Western Australia

About Us

KCWA, an Australian-based non-profit organ­i­sation formed for the purpose of enhancement of Kenyans living, studying and working in Western Australia.


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Please register to become a member, being a member lets you meet other members of the community, letting you know each other well.


Upcoming Events

Presidents Statement

My fellow Kenyans and friends of Kenyans, Humjamboni! It’s with great honour and humility that I salute you and accept the responsibilities you have vested in me and my team. It’s my desire and aspiration, as team captain, to steer the community’s cohesion to great strengths previously unseen. A team’s prosperity is its strength to unite as financial members to achieving our goals and vision. In this part of the globe, we are seen as Kenyans without boundaries, hence my sincere appeal to us as members of the community to engage in togetherness for prosperity. To quote the ‘Holy Bible’; “It’s blessed to be giving than receiving”, thus my team and I pledge to give out time and energy to serve the community. J. F. Kennedy challenged Americans to ask themselves what they can do for America rather than what the America can do for them. Therefore my clarion call to you all members of the community is to ask yourself what you can do for KCWA to make it a better organisation. In conclusion, I would direct the energy to meeting the KCWA’s main objectives as our core tasks. Which are as follows:-

  • Making KCWA a Non-racial, Non-political organisation that fosters friendship among Kenyans and its friends.
  • To promote the interests of its members and their associates.
  • To bring together members of the community to celebrate the Kenyan National events.
  • To assist Kenyans residing in WA who are in crisis situations.
  • To promote awareness of developments that arises in Kenya from time to time.
  • To co-operate and liaise with humanitarian organisations and Government bodies on issues that may affect the Kenyan community in WA.

Our Teams’ ‘’MOTTO’’ PAMOJA TWAUNGAMA’’ Kind regards John Mwiragua KCWA- President


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